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    Do you know someone who would like to educate her singing voice?
    Call (843) 442-4794 today to purchase a Gift Certificate and suprise that person with the gift of her first class!

    New Life Studios not only counts on an extensive experienced staff, but is driven by the desire to share our knowledge with others. Thanks to the interest of NLS of seeing the Lord's church serving with excellence, we offer Music & Singing lessons for different levels, individually or in groups at a very affordable price and flexible days.

    We also have seminars & workshops presented directly by our staff in different places, consist of either a half-day, full day (with breaks), or an entire weekend. Attendees have the opportunity to participate and learn about their topics of interest such as Praise and Worship, Music, Singing & Vocal Technique, How to build a Worship Team, etc. These Seminars & Workshops are a great opportunity for attendees to discover and confirm their gifts, and many of them decide to begin taking music and/or singing lessons.


    For Seminars:

    Contact us to schedule a seminar in your church, your community or any other meeting that provides with an environment to learn!


    For Singing Lessons:

    Contact us today to book your first lesson!